The Different Ticket Types


This ticket is used for new requests in which the 48-hour notice, excluding weekends and holidays, is provided.


These are tickets that do not provide the 48-hour notice and where work will be done immediately. In an EMERGENCY, Operators are to respond as soon as practical. ALSO: emergency tickets cannot be processed through ITIC.


This is used for update tickets where no information will change.


This is used for update tickets where information on the ticket will be changing.


In ND meet requests are not guaranteed. You can request an appointment to meet with the utilities but marking instructions must still be provided in case the utilities do not respond to this request.


Used for non-excavation locate requests (ie. Design, engineering, etc.), which allows for electronic data exchange and has a longer locate window (5 days). For more information, please see ND Century Code 49-23-04.1.

An image representing the Tolerance Zone

Important Law Changes for Excavators

  • Site Identification/White Lining – Requires the excavator to do one of the following; white marking, project staking, provide a detailed drawing, or provide a map of the excavation area. Site identification is not required if;
    1. Working at a single street address and the excavator provide a precise description of the excavation area,
    2. Emergency excavation requests, or
    3. Meet requests
  • Size of a ticket; A request for location is limited to an area not exceeding three contiguous city blocks within an urban area or an area of four contiguous quarter sections or five linear miles in a rural area.
  • Locate Times/Waiting period; Changes to start time of the locate period as the later of:
    1. 48 hours beginning at 12:01am the day after the request is submitted to the notification center, plus any 24 hourextension provided through the notification center, or
    2. The period between the submission of the locate request to the notification center and the noted date and time of excavation;

Call Timeline

Image of the Call Timeline

Click here to see all of the August 1, 2017 changes.


Using the one call system is free to homeowners and farmers working on their own property/land, but North Dakota ‘excavators’ help support the one call system on a per-ticket business. The price is currently $1.50 per locate request. An excavator is anyone who isn’t a homeowner or landowner that is working on their own land. This includes professional excavators, businesses, government entities, etc.

For more information, contact Ryan at ryans@occinc.com.

Avoid Damages by Following These 5 Steps:

  • White Flag the Excavation Site
  • Call 811 Before You Dig
  • Wait the Required Amount of Time
  • Respect The Marks
  • Dig With Care and Look for the Below Marks
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