Ticket Check vs. Search and Status

Image of Ticket Check
Image of Search and Status

Did you know that North Dakota One Call (NDOC) offers different tools for stakeholders to submit and view positive response information? Locators and member utilities have access to a positive response system called Ticket Check to communicate marking statuses (Clear/No Conflict, Marked, Not Complete/In Progress, etc.) to excavators in real time. Locators no longer have to call excavators or fax paperwork, since they can quickly post the status of their tickets with this user-friendly and efficient tool. Users can view and manage all or individual tickets, communicate with customers, create reports, and post ticket statuses in multiple ways. When locators submit positive response information in Ticket Check, it can be viewed via Search and Status. As of August 1, 2017, providing positive response information is mandatory for all facility operators.

Informational image of locator info within the search and status system

Excavators and homeowners have access to an easy-to-use online tool called Search & Status, and NDOC recommends that users review it prior to commencing any excavation in the field. Using Search & Status, stakeholders can quickly find ticket and positive response information. With a few clicks, users can search the history or status of a ticket. You can also find specific tickets by narrowing your search criteria.

Image of search and status interface

Users can access NDOC positive response information to make sure that all affected facility operators have responded to their ticket by going to www.ndonecall.com and clicking on the black “Ticket Check” button. Underground facility operators must respond to every ticket they receive from NDOC, even if there are no underground facilities in the excavation area. When you check the status of your ticket prior to digging, you will have the peace of mind knowing whether it is safe to break ground. Buried utilities are located everywhere and can be located near the surface. Don’t take your chances by not checking the status of your ticket.

Both Ticket Check and Search and Status work together to keep stakeholders updated and records synced. ​Feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions, or input you may have!

NDOC Help Desk Phone Number: (563) 884-7762